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We know Indiana

We work with communities across Indiana, so whether you’re a big city or a small town we know how similar communities are handling the challenges of property tax reform, school funding and economic development.

So don’t settle for someone in your backyard. Let us share the best ways that communities your size are investing in the long-term despite an uncertain future.

member municipality Participant Employees Effective Date
of coverage
Angola73January 2010
Avon26January 2011
Bloomington611January 2011
Cicero29October 2010
Culver14May 2014
Danville54April 2010
Darlington2June 2011
Fowler14June 2010
Georgetown15February 2011
Greenfield196January 2012
Hagerstown17June 2013
Highland109January 2010
Lafayette568January 2010
Monticello56July 2012
Nashville19November 2013
Rensselaer77September 2013
Rockville17September 2011
Sweetser2February 2013
Valparaiso268September 2012
Warsaw181November 2010
Swayzee3July 2014
Hebron10July 2014
Lowell56July 2014
Kewanna2November 2014
Walkerton30December 2014
DeMotte19December 2014
West Lafayette188January 2015
Moores Hill2December 2014
Munster105January 2016
Topeka10February 2016
Lebanon79July 2015
Knightstown21February 2015
Shirley4June 2016
Scottsburg76July 2016
Arcadia8January 2017
South Whitley10November 2016
Beech Grove83January 2017
Greencastle55January 2017
Edgewood8December 2017
Pierceton10January 2018
Southport4 February 2017
Winona Lake10December 2018
Gary630January 2019
Schererville147January 2019
Shoals4October 2019
Oxford3April 2021
Our path wasn't sustainable. We had to set aside politics to do what's right for the long term.
Mayor Joe Thallemer, Warsaw

Proven Savings

We know it’s tempting to look at municipal health one year at a time. But isn’t it time for a longer-term view? Isn’t it time to realize the combined buying power of municipalities who are in this together?

The Trust is a self-funded pool where members contribute to a shared fund to achieve the benefits of:

  • Marketplace clout
  • Lower per capita fixed costs
  • Less volatility
  • Better services

Our members commit to joining our insurance pool, and that can pay big dividends. As you can see, the Trust’s cumulative renewals since 2010 are significantly less than the industry trend.

As the membership grows, fixed costs decrease, claims expenses are predictable with less volatility and reserves are returned to the members through offsetting future premiums. The annual renewals have been below medical trend for 8 out of 10 years.

In other words, joining the Trust can mean big savings for your municipality.

Your Partner for Health

We partner with our member communities to keep their employees healthy through annual preventive exams, health risk assessments, biometric screenings, wellness best practices, health fairs and support.

We also offer a variety of disease management services for:

  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart failure
  • Healthy back

Your Partner for Support

We make your HR director look like a hero because we’re there to help answer employee questions. And we also offer legal advice and health coverage counseling.

We know that on boarding a new healthcare plan can be exhausting. So you’ll love the fact that our plans don’t change every year and we do the work, including employee training.

We’re your ACA Expert

It’s a confusing time for your human resources staff with all the changes brought by Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Fortunately, we’re the Obamacare experts. We’ll answer all your questions about how federal healthcare reforms might affect you at the local level, and how your peers are dealing with the changing healthcare landscape.

Long-term savings

Don’t settle for a short-term view. Get the health coverage you’ve craved without the premium spikes. Because the Trust’s premiums increase an average of 4% less per year than plans that aren’t built for municipalities.

You have a lot of worries – and we’ve got answers. Get the legal advice and health coverage counseling you need — when you need it. All just a phone call away.

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